Divoom TIMOO 256 RGB - 6W audio speaker with iOS and Android support

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Divoom TIMOO 256 RGB - 6W audio speaker with iOS and Android support with Bluetooth V5.0 technology + internet radio support.

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Product description

Divoom TIMOO 256 RGB - 6W audio speaker with iOS and Android support with Bluetooth V5.0 technology + internet radio is a fun and portable solution that will give you sound and color variations no matter where you are. It features a 360º speaker with enhanced bass and a 16x16 screen for pixel art graphics, which can be easily customized using a special mobile application. In addition, the device can be programmed to display weather reports, personal notifications, voice memos, daily reminders, and more. Portable mini Bluetooth speaker. Superb sound: 6 W DSP tuning w/bass with 360° speaker, provides the best pixel art speaker experience. All thanks to the display what allows playback of 256 colors.

Explore the world of pixel art and great sound. Timoo is the perfect gadget for you.

divoom timoo

The perfect gift for children and adults. It supports 16 main languages, simple arcade style, easy to play. It's the perfect companion and fun for the whole family. You can easily create a pixel art graphic design by yourself or you can get access to more than 1000 free designs in our pixel art community from our Divoom application. You can chat, comment, and make friends with other artists. Join the community now by downloading the free "Divoom" app, a cloud-based app, and constantly updated software. Timoo also serves as a smart alarm clock. Daily features: notifications, stopwatch, timer, weather report, ambient light effects and more.

The Divoom audio engineering team has carefully tuned the speaker up to acoustic perfection.

timoo speaker

Pixels art animation and design + text editor

Create any graphic and GIF animation with just a few touches. You can edit and create your own billboard message in a text editor. User-friendly editing and creation with many drawing tools.

pixel art animation speaker

Audio speaker

Softly tuned DSP sound with 6W full power, with a battery capacity of 2500 mAh.

timoo audio speaker

Online gallery and community

The largest online pixel art gallery and user community in the world. Explore the world of pixel art with over 1,5 million users in the community.

timoo speaker online gallery

Tuning DSP and bass port

Timoo is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and DSP technology
Excellent sound and brightness guaranteed. It delivers impressive bass thanks to the bass port despite a compact size.

powerful timoo speaker bass port

Color LED panel

Equipped with 256 programmable RGB LEDs, it provides 16 million vivid colors for a stunning visual experience

256 full rgb led screen timoo divoom

Internet radio

Access to more than 50000 world internet radio stations. Timoo offers unlimited entertainment options from around the world.

timoo speaker internet radio

Personal assistant

Timoo is more than an adorable alarm for your night lamp. With several useful day functions, it can help you manage your day and night. It provides an intelligent alarm and a sleep aid for a great sleep experience

divoom timoo speaker person assistant

Weather forecast and voice message

Timoo is associated with an online weather service. It determines your location using your GPS Smartphone and data and provides the most accurate and up-to-date weather report. Timoo can record up to one minute of a voice message, because sometimes it's best and fastest to deliver a message in audio form.

timoo speaker function

DJ mixer and notifications

Even when your phone is in silent mode, your Timoo will start flashing the logo of the social network to which the message was received. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and many other popular networks. Timoo has a built-in DJ mixing console with multiple instruments and a DJ turn-table, so you can remix and record your favorite music track.

divoom timoo social network notifications



6 W DSP-tuned 360° speaker with enhanced bass
Creating pixels on the 16x16 screen and online gallery
Cloud application and constantly updated software
Internet sensation - an adorable digital companion.
Timoo is an excellent gift
Perfect processing
Features: notification, voice memo, daily reminder,
weather report, pixel chat, ambient lighting effects and more…



Dimensions: 82,5 x 90 x 86 mm
Screen: 16x16
Speaker size: 45mm
Output power: 6W
Signal to noise ratio: ≥72dB
Battery capacity: 2500 mAh
Battery voltage: 3,6 V
Battery charging time: 3 hours
Playing time: up to 6 hours
Bluetooth compatible: Bluetooth V5.0
Frequency response: 20-20 KHz
Wireless network range: 10M/33 ft
Weight: 282g

Package contents:

1x Divoom Timoo speaker
1x USB power cable
1x Manual

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Divoom TIMOO 256 RGB - 6W audio speaker with iOS and Android support

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