AuraBulb - Smart Bluetooth Speaker 5W with RGB LED

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AuraBulb - Smart Bluetooth Speaker 5W with RGB LED is device that has the feature of desk LED lamps, alarm clock and hands-free.

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Product description

AuraBulb - Smart Bluetooth Speaker 5W with RGB LED is device that has the feature of desk LED lamps, alarm clock and hands-free. When playing music from your mobile phone it creates lighting effects and works as an equalizer. And all that is thanks to the display, which consists of RGB LEDs that allow playing in several million colors. LED lamp has five predefined lighting effects. Except normal lighting it has functions as pulsing, candle effect or rainbow effect. To use all the other features, you need to install a mobile application that supports iOS and Android. Through the application Divoom there are many different functions of AuraBulb.

aurabulb color rangeAura Divoom bulb color range

Via built-in microphone you can use AuraBulb as a handsfree to recieve and make calls. The device announces incomming call with audible signals and flashing lights. With the timer you can program your alarm clock and AuraBulb will wake you up with pleasant music and light that you choose. The device also works as a night light, so you can set the sleep  function, where you can program the songs and color modes that promote the formation of melatonin in the body (substance which promoting falling asleep). The bulb is made of silicone material and it is soft and compressible. You do not have to be afraid of damage and it is unbreakable. It is applied onto robust and solid pedestal with built-in speaker.

aurabulb connection with phone

LED portable speaker is the ideal choice for bedrooms or office. With its versatile functions and is suitable for universal use. It has a size of 120 x 120 x 147 mm and weight of 350 grams. It has a size of 120 x 120 x 147 mm and weighs 350 grams. Built-in speaker has the power 5W. The battery with 1200mAh capacity after a full charge which takes 2-3 hours, provides up to 6 hours of operation. AuraBulb speaker is charged via a USB cable that can be connected to the network using the AC/DC adapter to your laptop or PC device.



plus Portable speaker with many features
plus Function of LED lamp
plus 5W built-in speaker
plus Handsfree function
plus The alarm function
plus A wide selection of millions of colors



Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 147 mm
Play time: up to 6 hours
The complete charging time: 2-3 hours
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Output Power: 5W
Battery voltage: 3,7V
Frequency response: 60-20000Hz
Charging: via USB cable, 5V 1A
Signal to Noise Ratio: ≥75 dB
Wireless transmission range: 10 meters
Bluetooth 4.0
Weight: 350 g


1x Divoom AuraBulb
1x Audio Cable (jack 3,5mm)
1x USB charging cable
1x Manual

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