Outdoor waterproof WiFI LED 7 color RGB message board - 103cm x 38cm

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Outdoor waterproof WiFI LED 7 color RGB message board for advertising - 103cm x 38cm with temperature sensor.

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Product description

Outdoor waterproof WiFI LED 7 color RGB message board for advertising - 103cm x 38cm, which can also be used as an outdoor illuminated LED panel due to its waterproof finish. The LED board allows you to change color settings and various effects when entering text, and you can do it by simple connecting to the LED board via WiFi from your mobile phone or PC. Thanks to its powerful LEDs, it is visible from a large distance up to 50 meters, allowing you to attract attention and use it in different places.

The big advantage is that this LED text panel is WATERPROOF and also contains a TEMPERATURE SENSOR.

It provides a wide range of use as an information LED display panel in various industries, for example in the pubs when displaying current offers, at airports, gas stations and motels, in banks to display the client's serial number, in shopping centres for advertising, or in betting office to display current rates or other business operations. You can enter your message via your iOS or Android mobile phone over a WiFi connection. Make your brand more innovative and reach potential clients in an engaging way. LED boards - lighting ads, where you can preset your own text. Ideal for different operations. We can also produce custom-made boards - the price adequate to the requirements.

LED message board (display) for outdoor and indoor use + temperature range up to -40 ° to +60 °

led illuminated advertising boards

Thanks to the integrated Flash memory in the LED device, you can store dozens of messages at the same time. The 103 cm x 38 cm LED display offers 3 lines for text creation or 2 with larger fonts for better readability from a distance. The LED display supports world languages ​​and also offers various settings for text messages such as a wide selection of font types, display speed (text scrolling), color text in seven colors, plus up to 45 effects - snow, splashing, rotating, scrolling, flashing, static, text to the left, text to the right. The messages on the multifunctional LED display with help of effects, will become very attractive for advertising and informative purpose. It is also possible to display clocks or small pictures on the LED display.

The seven-color LED sign advertisement panel offers energy saving in the form of power saving modes - automatic power ON/OFF according to user settings, time ON/OFF, adjustment of 16 brightness levels. The manufacturer declares the life of the LED display for more than 100,000 hours. The LED panel can be placed indoors and outdoors thanks to the waterproofness of the device.


Display specification:

Dimensions: 103 x 38,8 x 6,8 cm
Housing: aluminum alloy frame
Display color: monochrome, bi-color or seven-color
Feature support: Time - HH:MM:SS, date
Operating power: Input voltage is AC 110V-240V (default)
Indoor and outdoor use thanks to waterproof finish
Best viewing distance: 3-50 meters
Lifetime: 100,000 hours
Operating temperature -40 ° to + 60 °
Operating humidity: 10% - 95% RH
Signal input: WIFI message via Android and iOS or USB mobile phones

Package contents:

1x RGB LED display
2x Mounting bracket
1x 220V power cable
1x CD with software and manual

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Outdoor waterproof WiFI LED 7 color RGB message board - 103cm x 38cm

The great
Also suitable for outdoor use
Price - but I hope I have it for longer.

I have a restaurant and we have it on the wall in front of the entrance. Great advertising - people see events and such. The lights are ice.

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