Large screen LED display - Full color 100 cm x 27 cm

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Large screen LED display - Full color 100 cm x 27 cm is a marketable new feature that can play full-color videos.

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Product description

Large screen LED display - Full color 100 cm x 27 cm is a marketable new feature that can play full-color videos. By simple programming the LEDs with a USB or LAN connection and a computer with attached software, you have the option to set up various forms of displaying - text, clock, pictures, videos - in full color design on the panel up to 100 cm size.

The LED banner has a multifunctional displaying and provides many interesting effects - snow, splashing, flashing, rotation, scrolling, starburst and many more ( about 45 moving actions) to revive your chosen text. The full-color LED display is an energy-saving device thanks to modes such as adjusting the brightness up to 16 levels, automatic on/off according to the settings, or timed on/off whenever you want.


The LED panel size of the 100 cm x 27 cm provides up to 4 lines for text creation, with the option to select font size for great readability from a distance. With built-in Flash memory, you can save multiple text messages at once. The LED panel supports all world languages, numbers, symbols to create your text, so you will not be limited at the creation of a text message for marketing purposes. LED boards - light advertising where you can set your own text. Ideal for different operations. Advertising boards can also be made exactly by your requirements.

Promote your business with the novelty of a full-color LED display that will attract many your customers and gives you the opportunity to provide important information about your services, products, or actions. The use of the LED display for advertising or informational purposes is truly multifunctional in various sectors - restaurants, offices, travel agencies, service centers, bars and more.


Large screen LED specification:

Frame size: 41"x 11" x 2,2"(100 * 27,4 * 5,5 cm)
Display size: 39 "x 10" (99cm x 25,4cm)
Pitch size: 7,62 mm
Resolution: 32 x 128 pixels
Cover: aluminum alloy frame
Display color: full color
Function support: text messages, graphics
Operating power: The input voltage is AC 110V-240V (default); DC 9V-36V (auto)
Input connection: USB, LAN connection
Lifetime: More than 100,000 hours (approximately 12 years)
Support automatic screen shutdown: ON/OFF
Internal memory: 512 MB
Number of displayed lines: 1-4 lines
Message memory: Up to 200 messages
Display angle: 140° horizontal, 70° vertical
Operating temperature: -20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C
Operating humidity: 10% -95%
Indoor and outdoor dry use

Package contents:
1x Full color LED display
2x Mounting bracket
1x Network cable
1x CD with software and manual

PS: If you are interested, we can produce LED programmable large screen display according to your requirements with accurate dimensions.

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Product inquiry

Vratislav Kozák respond

Hello, I would like to ask whether the large-area LED screen you offer - full-color display 100 cm x 27 cm is designed for outdoor use.
Thank you
Vratislav Kozak

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Cool Mania

Large screen LED display - Full color 100 cm x 27 cm

Maroš respond

Good day. This large-area blackboard is suitable for indoor and outdoor dry use. So it can also be used outdoors, for example under a shelter, where it is not directly exposed to the effects of the weather.

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