Solar calculator with notepad 6,5" LCD scientific + writing pen (foldable)

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Solar calculator with notepad 6,5" LCD scientific + writing pen (foldable) combines the functions of a classic calculator and an electronic notepad.

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Product description

Solar calculator with notepad 6,5" LCD scientific + writing pen (foldable) combines the functions of a classic calculator and an electronic notepad for writing notes. This innovative combination expands the possibilities of use from simple calculations to complex records and notes. Its compact size makes it an ideal companion for professionals, students and households who need efficient tools to manage their daily tasks.

Folding calculator with LCD panel as a notepad

Calculator with an LCD panel as a notepad notebook

Touch pen for maximum comfort

The calculator is equipped with a touch pen, which provides a high level of comfort while working. This pen enables precise control and recording of information, increasing efficiency and reducing the time required to achieve results. Ease of handling and intuitive control are key aspects that contribute to overall user satisfaction.

scientific calculator solar with tablet and notepad

Always at hand for quick calculations

Thanks to its convenient storage, this device is ideal for people when travel. You can always have it with you, either in your bag, pocket, or on your desk, and you can quickly calculate or save important information at any time. This availability ensures that you never lose important data or calculations when you need them most.

scientific calculator for students solar with record function

Ideal for everyday use

The device is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users. It is an ideal solution for work, where it helps with quick calculations and recording meetings or notes. In a school environment, it enables students to effectively process mathematical problems and learning notes. Households will appreciate its ability to help with everyday tasks such as notes or recording recipes.

calculator solar scientific

Wide range of applications

This device is designed to meet the various needs of users through its wide range of applications. From simple calculations to complex records, it provides flexible solutions for different usage scenarios. Its adaptability and multi-functionality are key factors that enable users to increase their productivity and efficiency in all aspects of their lives.

solar calculator and erasable LCD tablet


Product size: 153*90*12,6mm
Product weight: 135,5 g
Battery capacity: 120 mAh
Battery type: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 402020
Charging time: approx. 2,5 h
Charge usage time: up to 6 months
Charging voltage/current: 5V DC /132 mA
Working temperature: - 10°C to 40°C
Calculator function: Solar energy

Package contents:
1x Solar calculator with notebook
1x writing pen
1x Manual

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