Gifts for children - gift ideas for boys and girls: TOP #20 tips

Gifts for children - gift ideas for boys and girls: TOP #20 tips. Don't have any ideas?? We will advise you what kind of gift for a child for a birthday, Christmas, etc. The best gift inspirations for you.

Oh, our children... it's so easy to choose a gift for a child when they're still small, then nothing bothers them and they enjoy almost everything, so when we choose a gift for a 5-year-old boy or girl, it's still cool, they'll be grateful and he will be happy with any gift. But as soon as the children grow up, their demands for a gift grow with them, and we have to really think about what kind of children's gifts would be the most suitable. It is clear that we choose different gifts for boys and gifts for girls, because, for example, a boy would be angry if we give him, for example, a cosmetic case with makeup as a gift for a 10-year-old boy. Or if we were thinking about what are suitable gifts for girls on their birthday, and we give them a soccer ball, for example, they wouldn't be thrilled either. The same is true when we are looking for Christmas gifts for boys or Christmas gifts for girls. It is also necessary to consider, for example, what kind of gift is suitable for a 7-year-old boy, because if we give him gifts for children from 10 years old, it may not be a good choice either. And then there is the most demanding age group - teenage children, we know very well how it can torment us when we are looking for suitable gifts for Christmas for teenagers, it is a disaster to choose something suitable and cool...

And Christmas in general is a total chaos for us parents, we search for Christmas presents for children literally relentlessly, and then it would be really helpful if someone could give us some advice for a gift for a child. In our blog, we offer you tips for gifts for children, whether as a gift for an 8-year-old boy or girl, a gift for first-year students, a gift for turning 18 for both boys and girls. Such a suitable gift for an 11-year-old boy could be, for example, LED shoes, as a gift for a 13-year-old boy, a fun and useful mask with 3D printing would also be excellent. In our tips for gifts for children you will find inspiration for Christmas gifts for children, birthday gifts or just for fun. So sit comfortably with a cup of good coffee or tea, and feel free to look at our gift ideas, not only as gifts for children for Christmas, but for any holiday or any occasion.


gifts for children

#TOP 1 gift Luminous LED shoes - Gifts for children

gifts for children LED shoes

Give this cool gift for children - these stylish LED shoes with multi-colored LED soles, which will impress everyone at a party or for everyday wear. This fashionable gadget is one of the excellent gifts for children, either for Christmas or for birthdays. And especially the young generation will appreciate that the sneakers have control of different colors and colored LEDs even react to the rhythm of the music. Not only for a disco or party, so let's have a fun every day and shine like a star on the floor, even on the way to school or just outside, because this gift can impress and be cool even for a teenager. LED light-up sneakers - a cool gift not only for young people, is among the original tips for gifts for children, as gifts for boys and gifts for girls.

#TOP 2 gift LED T-shirts - a gift for every party

a gift for a 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 year old boy
And once again, we can shine at a disco, in a pub or somewhere at a concert. But why not make a disco and have fun anywhere, or attract attention, for examplenoutside? This cool gift is a great gift for a 13-year-old boy or as a gift for boys or a gift for girls. The t-shirts are equipped with a super bright and flashing panel that reacts to the music and flashes to the beat. In our e-shop you can find various motifs and sizes of t-shirts, just choose an LED gift for children.

#TOP 3 gift Karaoke party microphones - a great gift for karaoke fun

Christmas gifts for children

And let's make a concert, theater or cabaret or a show right at home with this gift for children and the whole family. Karaoke bluetooth microphone is a perfect gift for a child, a gift for a boy or even as a gift for a girl, which will surely entertain the spectators - the family, or even the street, if you sing on the balcony :) Try singing well-known songs and wait for the spectators response. If everyone is laughing, then it was really an "interesting performance", if they are crying, it was probably a bit of a fiasco, but one thing is certain, everyone will have fun with this microphone. This great gadget is guaranteed to be among the tips for gifts for children .

#TOP 4 gift Magnetic balls - NEOCUBE - ideal gift for every child

a gift for a 10-year-old boy

NEOCUBE magnetic balls - an ideal gift for children for their birthdays. This is a great relaxing gift for a child for Christmas or another holiday. Magnetic balls support creativity and spatial imagination, relieve tension and stress, and at the same time strengthen concentration and practice motor skills. They are suitable for all age categories, not only as a gift for a child. Children will simply love these Buckey Balls. Just a wonderful tip for the perfect gift for children to entertain and relieve stress, with which you will certainly not spoil anything if you give it as gifts for boys or gifts for girls :)

#TOP 5 gift Belt buckles - a stylish addition to an outfit

a gift for a 7-year-old boy
I want to be a cowboy! I want to be a biker! And I want to be like the singer of Metallica! What is it impossible? No way, it's very easy. All you have to do is give your child an original gift for a boy or a girl - belt buckle and he or she can be anybody. Our gift ideas certainly include belt buckles, and in our e-shop you can choose from many motifs, from the logo of a music group, to favorite heroes from movies, to children's characters from fairy tales or games. You can also find funny and cool belt buckles in our e-shop, which are suitable, for example, as a Christmas present for teenagers.

#TOP 6 gift Electronic drums or a piano - a gift that will play according to your rhythm

Christmas gifts for children drums

Electronic drums - silicone pad set with 9 drums + bluetooth speaker with foot pedals is an easily portable music set. A good idea for a gift for children, with which you can play any melody you want. And that you are not a perfect drummer and can't drum so captivatingly? It does not matter. This gift is limited only by your imagination, play any melody you want. If you're doing well, the family will be stomping their feet to the beat, and if it's not going well, the neighbors will bang the ceiling with a broom :) Bluetooth electronic drums belong definitely among the original children's gifts, or for example birthday gifts for girls and boys.


#TOP 7 gift Neon Purge masks - cool gift for teenagers

18th birthday gift for boys
So here we are with a great idea how to give a cool gift for a boy or Christmas gifts for teenagers. LED masks with scary or horror motifs, in any case attract attention literally at first sight. An excellent 18th birthday gift for boys, it will surely amaze all the young ladies which will be thrilled :) After all, you don't see a glowing purge mask or skull mask every day. And this gift is one of the gift tips for children, especially on Halloween, when these masks, for example, as a gift for a 13-year-old boy, will create the right spooky atmosphere and evoke amazement and respect on the faces of all passers-by.

#TOP 8 gift Neon Rave masks - gifts for boys that will attract attention

gifts for boys
Another gift for a boy or a gift for a girl, which is sure to impress the surroundings and attract attention. Neon rave masks look really mysterious and scary and react to sound, clapping of hands or the rhythm of music. An original and interesting tip for a gift for a child. But these masks are more suitable as gifts for children from 10 years old or as a gift for a boy on his 18th birthday, because the smaller children might be scared. Although nowadays children are already properly trained and used to the scary atmosphere in computer games or game consoles. The mask is equipped with a sound sensor and flashes according to the sound or music playing.

#TOP 9 gift Programmable glasses CHEMION - a stylish gift for girls and boys

birthday gifts for girls
We probably all know sunglasses and it is enough for us that they protect against the sun. But these programmable LED party MATRIX glasses have their own software. Top gift idea for children! Write the right text or choose from a number of different default animations and believe that you will be the center of attention wherever you appear! With these programmable led glasses, you will get the looks of everyone around you. They are the best way to stand out at a party or just out in the street, guaranteed to cause a sensation! Hot tip for a cool gift for teenagers or as birthday gifts for girls.

#TOP 10 gift Tattoo sleeves - gift for teenagers

a gift for a 13-year-old boy
I want to have my own tattoo! From a very young age, modern children have been warned by their parents about when they can get a tattoo. Most are allowed to do so from the age of eighteen. But before we parents allow a real tattoo, let's make a compromise and give our children these imaginative and interesting tattoo sleeves with different motifs and colors. An attractive and unconventional gift idea for children, for example as a gift for a 13-year-old boy or as a Christmas gift for boys. And mothers will be calm that the children have on their hands only fake tattoo and can take it off in the evening, and it can even be washed :)

#TOP 11 gift Levitating objects - stylish high-tech gift for children

tips for gifts for children present
Levitating objects are becoming an absolute hot spot and the tip of high-end technological gadgets. This is not only an original gift for children, but also stylish and timeless. Just imagine your child's reaction when you give him such a clever thing as a bluetooth UFO speaker that floats above the mat! Or an anti-gravity globe or moon, which also have backlighting in the dark to make the futuristic effect perfect. By the way, the globe is suitable as a gift for first-year students, it has an educational character, as there is an entire map of the world. In our e-shop you can choose different designs of levitating objects, in different colors and shapes.

#TOP 12 gift Children's LCD drawing board - smart gift for children

tips for gifts for children
You know it...scratched papers, the table or even the walls. Every child, girl or boy needs to realize himself and that is why he is looking for any surface where he will try his cartoon creations. But the problem is that it cannot be washed off the table or the wall, for example. Here we have a smart tip for gifts for children, this LCD drawing board is an ideal gift for children at Christmas or as a gift for children on their birthday. The innovative ultra-light LCD board includes a pen for comfortable writing, and provides thousands of image refreshes with one button. This great gift for a child, but also for adults, it is kind to the eyes and nature and can also serve as a great office aid as a notebook, communication tool or reminder.

#TOP 13 gift Chess for three players - you won't be playing chess with just two anymore :)

children's gifts - a gift for children
This children's gift - a chess board for three players, is perfect for long winter evenings, when there are more of you at home and you feel like playing a social game. An ideal set for children, but also for adults, for friendly meetings. The tension from a normal chess game will be multiplied even more. This 3 person chess is ideal for all board game lovers who are tired of regular chess or like to try new things. You can also give it as a gift and make your loved ones happy. Or even throughout the year, it can also be used when playing chess outside, in the park or at the cottage or at home, in short, there are many possibilities, just find your opponents and the chess game can begin :) Imaginative, stylish and funny gifts for children, gifts for boys, or gifts for girls.

#TOP 14 gift 3D maps on the wall - a gift for a child (children) for birthdays, name days or Christmas

a gift for a child (children) on a birthday, name day or Christmas
A wooden world map is an original gift for a girl or boy. Give the children the feeling that the whole world lies at their feet and hang this map on the wall in the children's room. It has laser-engraved continents and precise processing. Every single piece is handcrafted, where every detail is really taken care of. The entire travel map on the wall consists of several wooden parts, which can be connected precisely to the millimeter. It's like a simple puzzle. In addition to being a stylish addition to any interior, wall maps certainly have an educational effect, as children will always have the entire world map in front of their eyes. It is guaranteed to be a great gift for any child, whether as gifts for boys, gifts for girls, or gifts for children from 10 years old. Cool gift for children.

#TOP 15 gift Newton's pendulum - gifts for children (boy, girl) for Christmas or birthday

gifts for children (boy, girl) for Christmas or birthday
A fascinating object - Newton's pendulum. This sophisticated Newton swing (cradle) with balls is a device that works on the principle discovered by Isaac Newton. It is a device that preserves momentum and energy. The pendulum is a good idea for a gift for children, boys or girls, and will look great on a desk, or on a shelf in a library or in a child's room. If you decide to give a pendulum as a gift, you will surely please your children, family or friends with it. Newton's pendulum with metal rods and metal balls is placed on a high-quality wooden base. Swing all the balls in a crosswise direction and watch them create a beautiful spectacle and a wonderful wave effect. The rhythmic sound of metal balls has a calming effect and relieves stress. A universal gift for all children, whether as a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, or for another holiday.

#TOP 16 gift Candy machine - an original tip for a gift for children not only at Christmas

an original tip for a gift for children not only for Christmas
Something for something... Do your children have a taste for some sweets? Well ok, but only if they have already eaten properly and most importantly, they have to catch the candy or sweet reward :) The candy machine - the machine for catching sweets will work with both real and fake money. You simply fill the machine with candies, chewing gum, or small toys. Children have to work hard to get their candy or other sweet. Have your friends or family donate a few artificial or real coins and they will have a chance to win some candy. Fun for your children and the whole family. Such gifts for children for Christmas or as a gift for children on their birthday will surely please.

#TOP 17 gift face mask or costume - scary gift especially for a boy but also for a fearless girl :)

scary gift for children, gifts for boys and girls mask costume
Face masks and costumes for children and adults for Halloween or carnival. Scary carnival costumes for children and adults (masks) for every party, celebration and other occasions. Scary gift for a teenager, for a disco at a Halloween party, where it will certainly attract the attention of everyone around with its terrifying appearance. Scary horror masks will always be IN, the scarier the better and your children will surely appreciate that even if you are an adult, you know how to please a schoolboy or a schoolgirl as well as teenagers with a great gift, and that you can be cool parents too :) Children's gifts - original gift tip for children.

#TOP 18 gift Levitating moon - an original gift for all children and teenagers

original gift for all children and teenagers, boys, girls, children
Your child will love this original gift. The charming night lamp in the shape of the moon floats freely on a magnetic wooden base in the air and rotates 360°, thanks to which it has a very calming and relaxing effect. It is a good idea for a gift for a girl or a boy in a children's room, or even for a teenager. This is a unique lamp that will charm everyone with its originality when entering the room. There are two color light tones to choose from, namely white or yellow, and the option of setting any light intensity as needed. This is a beautiful gift for a boy, or as a gift for a girl of any age.

#TOP 19 gift 3D metal puzzle - puzzle gift for children and adults

puzzle gift for both boy and girl scorpion
A gift as a puzzle for your children. Let them put together a stunning three-dimensional puzzle that doesn't need any glue. The model just needs to be assembled using screws. 3D puzzles require patience and skillful hands! Can your child put together an exact replica of a scorpion? The result of the effort will be an excellent replica of the scorpion, which is a particularly impressive and eye-catching decoration either for the children's room or for the home. Gifts for children from 10 years old, as well as a gift for an 8-year-old boy, a gift for first-year students, or as Christmas gifts for children, universal for both girls and boys.

#TOP 20 gift Programmable LED T-shirt - Luminous LED gifts for boys and girls

gift for boys and girls gift ideas boy girl

Gift tips for a boy or a girl? Give this LED gift to your children and they will be the center of attention at any disco or party. The GLUWY T-shirt can be programmed via mobile phone (bluetooth) - own animations, images or text. The display contains highly luminous colored LEDs, you can write any text, adjust its format and display it directly on the T-shirt as a moving text. Display an active music equalizer on the T-shirt, which will react to the surrounding music, so your children will definitely like this music gift. A luminous LED gift not only under the Christmas tree. A great idea for a gift regardless of age - for every girl, boy.


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