Best Halloween masks and costumes for carnival: TOP #13 tips

Best Halloween masks and costumes for carnival: TOP #13 tips (ideas) not only for children (child) but especially adults. Scary costumes ghost, monsters, heroes and so.. October 31st is the time for all the ghosts and monsters, masks and costumes, because that's Halloween. So let's put on some scary carnival costume or mask and why not shout huuuuuu... and let's be a little scared :)

In history, it is said that on the first day of November, the souls of the dead appear, and they try to control all living human beings and get into the human body. And so people called for help to protect against these spirits - light the day on Halloween. First in the form of candles, lanterns or coals of fire to a candle in carved pumpkins in the form of a face, while this tradition has remained until today.

halloween masks and costumes

Until recently, this holiday was not so widespread in our country, it is generally known that Halloween is the most traditional in the USA, where this holiday has been celebrated since the 19th century. People, especially children and youth, wear various carnival costumes and scary masks during Halloween, and painted faces are also a sign that they are meant to ward off evil spirits and evil powers. Today, this holiday is primarily a time of fun and an adrenaline-fuelled adventure, and it mainly attracts children, who make or wear carnival masks for children and go from door to door to scare the inhabitants of houses and apartments, and they gift them with sweets or fruit, mainly in America, Australia and other countries.

carnival costumes and Halloween masks

Here, Halloween is not as common as in America, but as time goes by, various Halloween parties, scary parties, masked carnivals or Halloween discos are starting to take place in our country, where you can experience the mysterious magic of an unknown mask at a Halloween party, and that brings a lot of fun and adventure. Some have already experienced Halloween as another holiday similar to Easter or Christmas, so they decorate their homes with pumpkins or decorations in the spooky style of Halloween and have a nice evening in front of the TV, when they watch a ghost or horror movie.

But those who really like to be scared and don't leave the Halloween holiday just like that, can't wait all year to put on a carnival costume or a scary mask. And how magical is the spooky Halloween night, because even children at school are already looking forward to when they will be able to wear masks for the children's carnival, such as a witch, devil, skeleton, death, sorcerer, monster or creature, spiderman, superman, Harry Potter, princess, warrior, some animal or other carnival costumes for children.

Halloween is not about how to scare children or adults, it is above all about fun, adrenaline and adventure to cause a little fear with your mask or costume and a feeling of pleasant fear :)

Adults and young people can't wait for the Halloween party or disco, when they enthusiastically choose carnival masks such as bloodthirsty animals, werewolves or immortal vampires, or Halloween masks such as a scary and morbid zombie or corpse, mummy and other Halloween masks. And of course, all costumes for children do not have to be scary, ugly and terribly scary. Just choose a non-scary Halloween mask such as a Spiderman, Ironman, mummy, Ironman or terminator, cyclops, clown costume or just wear scary accessories such as a tie or gloves.

And where can you find these Halloween costumes, scary masks or carnival costumes? Our e-shop Cool-mania has a wide selection of masks and costumes ready for this Halloween holiday, you just have to dive into our offer and have fun or scare yourself while choosing the right mask. And here you are, we have prepared some of our tips for carnival masks and Halloween costumes for you, and we will be very happy if our Halloween costumes and masks provide perfect fun and a pleasantly scary night :)


#14 Grinch (green elf) face mask with gloves

carnival costume face mask best costumes grinch

Grinch (green elf) face mask with gloves - for children and adults for Halloween or carnival. Grinch costume (mask) made of 100% natural latex, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Seeing and breathing through the mouth and nose of the mask is comfortable and breathable. This latex mask in the shape of the Grinch is therefore an absolutely ideal and original choice for Halloween, carnival, masquerade ball, various parties, birthday parties and others. Our Grinch masks stand out best at Halloween, carnival, disco, in a club, at a party or festival, they are the right investment for you if you want to impress and, above all, be cool.

#13 Sound-sensitive LED   Underworld mask

teeth face mask halloween scary masks

Anyone who has seen the movie Underworld will wonder why this Halloween mask has so many teeth! Fortunately, this mask is harmless, definitely non-biting, and even a bit charming, as it is a sound-sensitive DJ face mask that flashes to the music. It is therefore perfectly suitable for a Halloween party, a disco or a masked carnival. And it's very effective, especially when it starts to flash in complete darkness and then we already regret the person what will be next to you wearing this mask :)


#12 LED Purge masks

purge mask halloween

Do you want to have fun at a Halloween party or a masked carnival, but you don't want to be recognized by anyone? So put on the PURGE mask and experience the exciting feeling of being someone else, at least for a while. LED mask purge for Halloween - a universal mask for everyone. LED masks with scary or horror motifs, in any case attract attention literally at first sight. After all, you don't see a glowing purge mask or skull mask every day.

#11 LED light-up tie and LED bow tie

led tie halloween masks led neon bow mask for Halloween

If you are a bit of a conservative type and don't rush into bold masks or costumes, and you are going to a Halloween party or disco, put on this LED tie or LED bow tie and thus fulfill the condition of entering in a mask. Or with this light-up LED tie and this LED bow tie is a suitable way to come to a party in the spirit of Halloween or carnival in masks, and so come in a mask or simply fit in with others in carnival costumes or masks.

#10 LED flashing gloves - Skeleton

LED glowing skeleton gloves

These LED light-up skeleton gloves are perfect for Halloween party, disco or masked carnivals. Of course, they are also suitable as an original gift. If you want to be cool and impress, or if you like to be the center of attention, these LED gloves will definitely attract a lot of attention and are most effective in the dark, exactly in the atmosphere of Halloween :).

#9 SPIDERMAN face mask

spiderman halloween mask

Do you want to be a super hero with amazing strength, endurance and speed, and above all, cool and a good person? So be the SPIDERMAN! This latex Spiderman mask is therefore a completely ideal and original choice for Halloween, carnival, masquerade ball, various parties, birthday parties.


#8 BATMAN - face mask

halloween masks in the shape of batman

And we have another superhero from the comics and from the movie - BATMAN, who is known for his dark and mysterious personality, who fights crime in Gotham. The Batman mask allows you to transform into this symbolic figure and become a guardian of justice at various costume events such as Halloween, rave parties or masquerade balls.

#7 Face mask - JOKER

Halloween shaped mask - JOKER

ChaoZZZZZ and unpredictability, these are the main features of the iconic character, who I guess everyone knows also for his distinctive look, and especially for his wide bloody smile, which does not make you laugh... Who is this? This guy named JOKER is hard to mess with because you never know what he's up to. An excellent Halloween face mask for any party, carnival or cat party or disco.

#6 JIGSAW halloween mask

halloween scary face mask jigsaw

So with this mask you will definitely represent the horror world perfectly. JIGSAW mask will bring a dose of darkness and fear and will give your Halloween character a creepy and mysterious look. Jigsaw, also known as John Kramer, is a fictional character from the series of horror movies "Saw", he definitely belongs to the popular Halloween masks or for party or masquerade balls.


#5 Spiderman costume

morph carnival spiderman costume

But not all carnival costumes or Halloween masks they have to be scary and spooky. The Spiderman costume is equally interesting and suitable for both Halloween and carnival. After all, I guess almost every boy and even a man wants to become a comic or a real hero who fights against evil, defends the innocent and saves the world :)

#4 Halloween Dinosaur costume

dinosaur halloween costume

So this costume really cannot be overlooked :) Dinosaur costume - inflatable dinosaur costume up to 2,2m - XXL size as a carnival costume for a man or woman (adults) for carnival or Halloween. If you wear this costume to a disco or sell yourself on the street during the Halloween holiday, you can be sure that you will cause a lot of noise and great fun at any party or celebration.

#3 HORSE head mask

Halloween horse head mask
Are you angry at school, at work, or your with partner at home? All this is over, put the horse mask on your head and comb your perfect mane. Do you feel it, yes? No more stress, your chest puffs up, your heart beats widely - you don't have to worry about human mundane problems anymore, because you are a horse, and you are finally free! HORSE head mask for a Halloween party , a disco or a birthday party, everywhere with this mask you will cause laughter and fun.

#2 Halloween costume BANANA

costume banana  carnival mask
If you want to look original at a masquerade ball or just to have fun at a birthday party with friends, this costume is the right choice. If you want to buy a funny costume, this BANANA costume will be the one for you! The costume is suitable for both men and women. Carnival costume perfect for Halloween or any other party.

#1 Vampire teeth - Dracula

vampire teeth for halloween party fangs

When the Halloween party is approaching, these vampire teeth will be the perfect addition to the vampire outfit. Halloween Vampire teeth like Dracula are scary and perfect for any rave party, Halloween, masquerade ball or celebration. Stick them on your own canines, apply some red paint like fake blood, and the effect will be perfectly convincing, and maybe someone will allow you to take a bite :)