Fluorescent T-shirt - Punisher

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Fluorescent T-shirt with a pattern Punisher glows in the dark after charging by the light. From minute to minute you will become one of your favorite heroes.

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Product description

Fluorescent T-shirt with a pattern Punisher glows in the dark after charging by the light. From minute to minute you will become one of your favorite heroes. It is comfortable, loose and fits everyone.

It is an ordinary shirt during a day, but in dark night the shirt shines. Therefore, if you want to be cool and get attention at a party, in clubs, festivals or disco, this type of neon t-shirt is the best choice for you. So look also at other patterns "Glow in the Dark T-shirts" and choose one of them.

Glow in the dark T-shirt


  • Made from 100% cotton
  • It is produced and delivered just in black
  • You do not need to put any batteries to T-shirt, just leave it on the light for charging

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Fluorescent T Shirt

Matt respond

Is it possible to develop custom fluorescent T Shirts with our own image.
Thank You,

Cool Mania

Fluorescent T-shirt - Punisher

Mario Bruchanik respond

Sorry but its not possible, just designs we have in our offer..

We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

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