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Sports camera accessories - Case OSA PACK Standard - case full of accessories for sports camera contains the most used kits for your action cameras.

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Product description

Sports camera accessories Case - OSA PACK Standard contains the most used kits for your action cameras. OSA - universal compatible accessories for sports cameras of brands like GoPro camera, Xiaomi, SJCAM, Muvi, Lamax, AEE Magicam, Niceboy and many others.

Ideal as Gopro accessories, SJcam accessories, Xiaomi accessories, Lamax, Magicam, Niceboy, Muvi and others. Individual accessory parts are arranged in a robust carrying case, which protects accessories against damage.

Carrying Case for camera and accessories

Carrying case of brand OSA is used for secure carry and storage of your sports cameras and accessories. Thanks to the clever arrangement of the individual compartments in a box, you can quickly and easily find accessories for cameras that you need.


sport Cameras Accessories

Promotional video - featuring various accessories included in pack

1. Floaty Bobber - Floating bracket into the hand

Floating holder into your hand is suitable for mounting of sports camera in conditions when you shoot your images by the water or in the water. The camera is fitted on top of the bracket using the clamping screw. Holder is also the float, so if you camera falls into the water, it will float on the surface. Holder can be attached to your hand using an eyelet.

Floating bracket in hand

2. Head Strap - for mounting the camera on head

It is suitable for fitting of sports camera on your head if you need to have your hands free and shoot real what you see. The strap is made of an elastic material and has a clip, with which you can adjust the straps to measure. The camera is attached to the front of the adapter using the clamping screw.

Headlamp for attaching the camera on the head

3. Chest Mount - the holder of camera on chest

With this system of straps you can attach your sports camera on the chest. Straps are made ​​of elastic material and using multiple clips you can set them to measure. Mount is installed on the chest very quickly thanks to snap buckle. The mount has a rails, where can be attached the necessary adapter and then sports camera.

Bracket on chest

4. Suction Cup

The holder has suction cup that can be attached to a variety of smooth surfaces such as on the windshield, the car door, or on various other surfaces. Holder has two movable joints that can be adjusted to the required position horizontally and vertically. To the upper part of the extension piece you can connect the sports camera.

Suction cup mount


5. Handlebar Seatpost - bracket for rods and frames

This mount is adapted to be installed to the various rods and frames. For example to the frame or handlebars of bicycle.

Bracket for poles and frames

6. J-Hook Buckle Mount - a set of higher clips for fitting of camera

Set of clips serving as piece in between, for example for mounting the camera on a chest, or on head strap for attaching the camera on head.

Set higher clip for mounting cameras

7. Mount Adapter - tripod adapter

Adapter with ¼ tripod thread serving for attaching the photo camera or cameras.

Tripod adapter

8. Wrist Strap - wrist holder

It is used for attaching the sport camera on wrist.

Bracket wrist

9. Monopod - telescopic monopod

Retractable monopod with a maximum length of up to 107,5 cm. On top is ending with a movable joint and ¼ tripod thread. Handle is rubberized for better grip and equipped with hand strap. On the bottom of the monopod is ¼ threaded hole, through which can be attached to a tripod.

telescopic monopod

10. Plastic Spanner - wrench for the screws

Plastic wrench needed for screws connecting the various extension pieces and holders.

Tightening the screws

11. Curved adhesive - Flat adhesive. Set of additional curved and flat adhesive mounts

Mounts have a rails, into where can be attached the necessary extension piece for fitting of sports camera. Each extension piece has also adhesive pad, with which you can attach holder to various surfaces, for example on bike or motorbike​ helmet.

Set additional mounting stickers

12. 3-way Adjustable Pivot - Set of additional joints for the camera

Set of additional joints are used to connect the camera with different holders and to set the camera to the desired position.

Set additional joints for the camera

Package content of box accessories O5:

1x Carrying Case - Carrying case
1x Floaty Bobber - Floating bracket into hand
1x Head Strap - Head strap for mounting the camera on head
1x Chest Mount - The mount camera on chest
1x Suction Cup - Suction cup mount
1x Handlebar Seatpost - Bracket for rods and frames
2x J-Hook Buckle Mount - a set of higher clips for fitting of camera
2x Mount Adapter - Tripod adapter
1x Wrist Strap - wrist holder
1x Monopod - telescopic monopod
1x Plastic Spanner - wrench for the screws
2x Curved Adhesive - Set of additional curved adhesive mounts
2x Flat Adhesive - Set of additional flat adhesive mounts
1x 3-way Adjustable Pivot - Set of additional joints for the camera

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