Propane fire pit - outdoor gas garden fireplace + square table (cast concrete)

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Propane fire pit - outdoor gas garden fireplace + square table (cast concrete)​ on the balcony or terrace - a luxurious outdoor seating.

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Product description

Propane fire pit - outdoor gas garden fireplace + square table (cast concrete)​ on the balcony or terrace - a luxurious outdoor seating by the fire. Although winter can be beautiful especially when there is white snow around, you will surely agree that the heat is amazing and more pleasant than frost and cold. Fantastic summer walks, warm evenings when we can spend hours and hours out. But what about winter or cold evenings? Everyone loves to sit by the oven, the fireplace or the radiator with a cup of tea or coffee after come back home. But this is how we spend most of our days and we send very little time out in the fresh air. And exactly for spending more time in the air and at the same time in the heat - there is this fantastic and at the same time stylish gas fireplace. The decorative accessory and useful heater will become the hottest place in the garden, in the yard or on the terrace.

You no longer have to cut wood - just press one button and is burning!

It doesn't matter if it's cold or frost outside! With this wonderful decorative and useful accessory firepit for your terrace or garden, you will make beautiful moments of well-being, relaxation, romantic sitting or sitting with friends, or just look intto the fire alone with a glass of wine and enjoy the peace, air and warm heat radiating from the circular fireplace. A table with a fire piť with which you can indulge in the warmth and atmosphere of a real fire wherever is not available or you do not want to start a real fire. Fire pit tables will give you a full fire in terms of heat, light or flames, but without smoke, odors and flying sparks.

Gas fire pit table - propane outdoor fireplace ideal for garden or terrace - luxury concrete firepit - portable table top fire pit.

gas fireplaces on the terrace balcony or to the garden

Design terrace gas fire pit table equipped with a fireplace with the power of a real fireplace and a generous table area around the fire. These tables with a fireplace are a delicacy and the firepit table will be the heart and center of your terrace, where you will spend your time with loved ones. The table with a gas fire pit can not only function as a heater, but it is also a stylish terrace table for the exterior, which is ready to overheat and light up the outdoor space with the snap of fingers.

It is even possible to connect the table to the gas distribution in your home by purchasing a natural gas conversion kit. In such a combination, you will never be surprised by an empty gas bottle and the heat will be at hand 365 days a year without the need to go to the store. In addition, you will save on a lower price of natural gas. All outdoor gas fireplace tables are handmade from lightweight glass-fiber reinforced concrete, so-called GRC (Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete). It is a high-strength quality material which does not get damaged in the exterior and is resistant to UV radiation and weathering. It is designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions and of course fully certified in our home and in the world.

Portable gas fireplace in the garden - a decorative element and a useful heater

There are several ways to bring warmth, light and design to your terrace or garden. For the most part, this is difficult to achieve with a single supplement. Terrace radiant heater, the so-called "mushroom" can offer heat, but it does not give light or the opportunity where to put a cup or food. Although a fireplace for natural wood can also provide light and warmth, but it is necessary first to heat it up, cut the wood and smoke goes to you and your neighbors. It is not possible for such a fireplace to be made on a table around which one can sit safely and undisturbed.

This table with a gas firepit, in addition to being a full-fledged tale for a terrace or garden, is also a terrace heater, a radiant heater or an infrared radiator. It has the performance of approx. 12 kW, can be equal to a fireplace that heats the house or the wood fireplaces in the garden. It can become the hot center of your terrace, garden, or representative outdoor spaces at your company, where everyone will want to bring in a chair and enjoy the warmth of its modern design.

outdoor gas fireplace on the terrace balcony propane

Every terrace heater or garden concrete fireplace has its invaluable mission, which is to extend your opportunity to stay on the terrace, garden or balcony. Spend more time in the air, at sunset or under the stars, regardless of outside temperature or season. The open fire in the middle of the table will create a private summer evening throughout the year and especially in cold days.

Outdoor fireplace in the terrace - Modern design gas portable fire pit - terrace fire table

An outdoor table with a gas fireplace can have many forms to make it a dominant piece of furniture for your terrace or garden. Whether as a modern garden design or a natural piece of stone associated with fire. Outdoor gas firepit to the garden and on the terrace.

propane gas fireplace - outdoor square fireplace

Smoke and odor free - heater in cold days and a romantic sitting by the fire

The modern gas fireplace presents the most important benefits of an open fire, creating the most natural patio heater or romantic patio lighting without having to worry about stinging your eyes from smoke or swearing from your neighbors. You don't have to cut wood or blow into the firewood, because you start the fire with one hand, while you can hold a glass of wine in the other hand...



Material: highly durable cast concrete
Control: electronic ignition with automatic safety shut-off
Power: approx. 12kW
Dimensions: 101,6x101,6x43,1 cm
Weight: 83kg
Gas type: Propane, Propane / Butane
Gas bottle on the table: No.
Gas consumption: 800-900g / hour
Burner dimensions: 30,5 cm
Fireplace dimensions: 51,5 x 51,5 x 5 cm (l / w / h)
Package dimensions: 110 x 110 x 53 cm (l / w / h)
Package weight: 96kg
Accessories: 9kg pack of lava stone in a package, canvas cover
Optional accessories: stainless steel burner cover, glass wind guard
Gas cylinder location: external (off table)

Package contents:

1x Table with gas fireplace
1x Lava stone to cover the fire pit
1x Protective cover for covering
1x Gas regulator
1x Inlet hose
1x AAA ignition battery
1x Operating instructions

All tables are sold assembled, just add the lava stone into the fireplace, connect the gas regulator to the bottle and everything is done.

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