Heated scarf 100x15 cm

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Heated scarf 100x15 cm for external Powerbank power supply or adapter (not included) that you can purchase in our e-shop

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Product description

The heated scarf 100x15cm was created and developed in collaboration with physiotherapists to provide an absolute alternative thermotherapy, with external Powerbank power supply or adapter (not included) that you can purchase in our e-shop. The infrared heating scarf supports the circulation of your body. The heated area expands capillaries that stimulate increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation, and oxygenation to relieve pain and stiffness. Soothe and support your tired neck and cervical spine with our infrared heating scarf. Use a heating shawl in the office, at home or when traveling by car, bus or train.

heated scarf

This heating belt is lightweight and portable, so it's great for hiking, sports or just for a weekday, because as it is powered by an external Powerbank charger or adapter, you can wear it with you wherever you go. If you use the Powerbank as the power supply, the heater belt has a built-in pocket to insert the powerbank and you can move freely anywhere, without the cable connection. And the heating belt is an unique companion for a cold winter days when we sit comfortably in the chair in front of the TV, drinking warm tea while feeling the warmth of the infrared heating scarf.

• Power supply - Powerbank 5V/1A
• Material: Micro fleece, extra warmth and comfort, pleasant to the touch
• Control button with 3 temperature settings: Green - Low, Blue - Medium, Red - High
• Machine washable in safe washing bags
• Size: 100x15cm

heated shawl temperature setting

Use on neck, cervical spine and chest
3 temperature settings
Automatic shutdown after 2 hours
Low voltage 5V
Portable and lightweight
USB interface for easy and convenient use
Ergonomic design fits comfortably to everybody
Suitable for hiking or weekdays
Safe care



• Heating element: super fine heating cable for maximum comfort
• Power: Power bank, adapter or USB cable via laptop
• Voltage: 5V
• Power: 5W
• Control button: light with 3 temperature settings
• Temperature control: fully electronic with fast heating in 30 seconds
• Temperature range: 35° C to 60° C


On/Off button:  Press the button to switch between 3 temperature modes. Set the temperature level and enjoy the heat. To switch off, press the button again until it turns off.
High (Red light), Medium (Blue light), Low (Green light)
Automatic shutdown when overheating

Package contents:

1x Heated scarf

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Heating scarf

Iveta Hroncová respond

Please. How long to charge the scarf? As long as it is on the charger it works. But after disconnecting it cannot be turned on. Does this mean that it can only be used on the charger?

Translated from: sk
Cool Mania

Heated scarf 100x15 cm

Pavel Kováčik respond

Good day,
The scarf does not have a built-in battery and therefore must be powered, for example, via an external battery (power bank).

Translated from: sk
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