Heated belt for the waist and back - infrared heating

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Heated belt for the waist and back - infrared heating guarantees warmth for your back and waist. 3 temperature levels to choose.

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Product description

Heated belt for the waist and back - infrared heating guarantees warmth for your back and waist whether sore or healthy. 3 temperature levels to choose. It is a good helper for every family. You simply connect the belt to the power bank (or USB adapter) using a USB cable and you will immediately feel a pleasant warmth on your back. You can choose 3 temperature levels: L - low 45° C, M - medium 55° C and H - high 65° C. The heating switches off automatically after 45 minutes. Give your waist and belly a pleasant warming with the help of an infrared heating belt on your back.

The belt produces infrared wavelengths when generating heat, easily absorbed by the human body, supports blood circulation, strengthens the immune system. Hot pain relief therapy, built-in heating pad provides ultra-compact heat for back pain, muscle pain, joint relief and injuries, keeps the waist and back warm, can also be used on the abdomen to relieve menstrual pain or stomach discomfort.

Heat belt is here to help you and protect you

heater for waist and back to relieve pain

The belt is made of neoprene, thanks to which it does not lose heat by spreading to the surroundings, but on the contrary, it leads the warmth towards your joints and muscles. Infrared light heat therapy stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles, relieves swelling, inflammation, pain and muscle fatigue. The belt measures 113x16 cm and is simply fastened with Velcro. There is also a practical pocket on the belt for storing the power bank. Suitable for everyone, office workers, long-distance drivers who suffer from lumbar muscle soreness, sciatica, arthritis, soft tissue damage. The heating belt is adjustable with strong adhesion, adapted to individual needs, suitable for various areas such as waist, back, abdomen, knees, legs. Use the heating belt in the office, at home or in the gym without anyone seeing it. Infrared heating belt for waist and back, with heating pad inside, with external power supply via Powerbank (not included in the package), which you can buy in our e-shop.

You can wear the heated belt directly on the body, but also on the clothes

heating belt on the back
This heating belt is light and portable and is therefore super suitable for hiking, sports or just for everyday life. And the heating belt is an unique companion for a cold winter days when we sit comfortably in the chair in front of the TV, drinking warm tea while feeling the warmth of the infrared heating belt. Thanks to the built-in controller, you can set the desired heat level, according to current needs - there are 3 temperature levels to choose from - low (45° C), medium (55° C) and high (65° C).
heating on the belt
Suitable for:
1. As a gift for your father, mother, grandfather or grandmom.
2. People who have a sedentary job, such as drivers or office workers.
3. Athletes or people who practice and train regularly.
4. People who have a health problem.
5. For warming up in cold weather or winter.


plus Suitable for pain relief at injuries
plus For back pain, muscle pain, joint relief, keep back warm
plus It can also be used on the belly to relieve menstrual pain or stomach discomfort
plus Quick heating function in seconds
plus Power supply via 5V/2A power bank
plus Extremely safe and reliable
plus Lightweight and portable
plus Ergonomic design
plus Can be cleaned manually
plus There is no need to worry about leakage of electricity
plus Convenient use for work, cooking, sleeping, reading or hiking, etc.


Maximum power: 7W
Power supply: via power bank 5V/2A (2A minimum, power bank is not included in the package)
Interface: USB
Material: PVC and neoprene
Dimensions: 113x16 cm
Color: gray

Package contents:

1x Heated waist belt
1x USB cable with temperature control
1x Manual

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Jens Nordling respond

Hello! Does the belt fit over the shoulder as well? Etc. JeNo

Translated from: sv
Cool Mania

Heated belt for the waist and back - infrared heating

ADMIN respond

It is not meant to be used for shoulders, only waist
So I hope you understand

Translated from: sv
We will write answer about your question to this e-mail.

Product rating (1)

Lucie K.

Heated belt for the waist and back - infrared heating

I bought the belt as a gift for my father - he started having problems with his lower back. In addition, he started to use the belt even during walks when it is cold and he does not know how to praise it. He no longer has to worry about the cross getting cold.
Translated from: cs