Fly zapper​ - energy-saving insect trap - 360° with a power 13W

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Fly zapper​ - energy saving insect trap - 360° with a power 13W​ and with insect suction for high elimination efficiency.

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Product description

Fly zapper​ - energy saving insect trap - 360° with a power 13W​ and with insect suction for high elimination efficiency.  UV catcher is effective for flies, mosquitoes, moths and other flying insects, which are annoying at the moments spent on the terrace or balcony. It is a quiet and safe catcher that uses an energy-saving light bulb to attract insect, and the suction fan pulls it into the bottom where is immediately destroyed.​ Insect trap on the terrace and other places. UV lamp for insects (flies, mosquitoes, etc.) ideal during summer days for carefree enjoying of hot evenings. You can buy electric insect traps for sale in our e-shop at a good price.

Energy-saving flies and mosquitoes trap with a power 13W

Fly zapper​

Safe for surroundings

The internal UV bulb produces blue light and is designed to be harmless to humans and pets. The outer cover protects against any contact with the inner grille and against electric shock. At the bottom there is a collection container for eliminated insects, which you can conveniently take out and clean without contact. The light trap does not emit any chemicals and does not pollute the air.

mosquito traps for household

It is recommended to use the UV trap only at night in dry weather when it effectively attracts insects, not during rain when its effectiveness decreases. You can place the catcher freely on the floor, porch. The device is suitable in households, cottages, hotels, restaurants, offices and so on.



plus Effective UV light
plus Integrated suction fan
plus Energy saving UV bulb 13W (E27)
plus Internal metal grille with elec. shock
plus Non-rusting and non-clogging grid
plus UV light harmless to humans, animals
plus The outer cover protects against current
plus No chemicals, no pollution
plus Collection bin



Model: XXOL-12WC
Material of case: ABS
Power supply: AC
Input voltage: 120V (60 Hz)
Power: 18W
Wavelength: 365 nm UVA light
Voltage: 1000V
Lifespan: 5000 - 8000 hours.
Dimensions: 210 mm (width) x 132 mm (depth) x 323 mm (height)

Package contents:

1x UV Zapper

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