Wireless receiver for microphone BOYA RX8 PRO (dual channel)

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The wireless receiver for the BOYA RX8 PRO (dual-channel) microphone is suitable for amateurs and professionals for versatile use.

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Product description

The wireless receiver for the BOYA RX8 PRO (dual-channel) microphone is suitable for amateurs and professionals, and will find its use in all spheres of visual-audio production. It doesn't matter what role this receiver should handle, it can handle that.

The wireless receiver is compatible with BOYA TX8 Pro, BY-WHM8 Pro and BY-WXLR8 Pro, and ensures quality and reliable audio transmission of sound. Connect to your device (camera, photo camera) simply via a stereo 3,5 mm jack or XLR cable. An indisputable advantage is the possibility to place the receiver on a tripod or with shoe mount adapter, for example on a mirror camera.

professional receiver for microphones

It works on two channels and so it can work with two transmitters at the same time. In terms of sound, it works in two modes, mono and stereo, allowing it to handle the acoustics in different sound spaces, such as in a cinema, theater or studio. The RX8 PRO is also versatile in terms of connectivity - it offers 3,5-jack cable connection, as well as XLR connection to professional cameras. Thanks to the second 3,5 mm input, you can simultaneously listen to the recorded sound. Anyone who creates a variety of media content knows the feeling  when, for example, a recording device needs to be held in hands, and after a longer time this activity becomes quite painful and therefore one of the many strengths of the receiver is its low weight. Move your work a step further with the professional RX8 PRO reciever.

wireless audio reciever

Technical specifications:

UHF receiver with 48 channels on each frequency.
Two frequencies
OLED display
MONO and Stereo mode
Operating distance up to 100m
Power supply: 2x AA batteries

Package contents:

1x RX8 PRO receiver
1x 3,5 mm jack cable
1x XLR cable
1x Shoe mount adapter
1x Manual

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