DreamGrip Evolution MOJO - set for smartphones, cameras and digital mirror cameras

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DreamGrip Evolution MOJO - set for smartphones, cameras and digital mirror cameras that will help you create the best shots with professional enhancements and extensions.

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Product description

DreamGrip Evolution MOJO - a set for smartphones, cameras and digital mirror cameras that will help you create the best shots with professional supplements and extensions. The set will be definitely appreciated by video creators such as youtubers and bloggers, as it contains many useful components that help capture incredible images using only the smartphone. Accessories include special lenses with optics filters, external LED lights for ideal illumination, microphone with wind protection and holder for connecting various components. The kit can be used manually, or mounted on a tripod or fixed with suction cups.

dream grip evolution mojo

LED Lights - supplied external lights include 36 LEDs and have a built-in dimmer that offers the option to adjust brightness from 10-100%. Also included is a 900 mAh Lithium battery that is designed for both lights while providing enough power to keep the LEDs lit at 100% brightness settings up to 60min. The battery can be recharged using a USB cable (included) or to connect to an external power bank to increase the amount of light for a longer time.

Pistol microphone - this is a directional passive condenser microphone with a universal 3,5mm connector for  connection of the microphone to any smartphone or other 3,5mm input device. Thanks to the pistol design, it provides high quality video footage. The microphone is particularly suited for outdoor videos such as reportage and interviews as it is capable of capturing a dominant sound within 1-3 meters and suppressing surround sound from a background. The microphone also includes wind protection, which greatly reduces outdoor wind noise.

DREAM GRIP EVOLUTION MOJO KIT - special additional holder with connecting screws for clamping various components. You can use it to mount an external power bank or a second smartphone. The use of the second smartphone may be as a text device, or as a second photo camera, or as a monitor with reverse display of the recorded video. This use is especially useful if you record live video with one smartphone (streaming video) and  the second smartphone is using as the image of the record, so you can both - see and respond to the comments of the viewers directly in the live broadcast.

dream grip evouliton mojo kit



Package contents:

1. DREAM GRIP construction (unfolded)
2. Adjustable strap
3. Mounting screws (3 types)
4. CPL Filter 52 mm CPL w/pp protective bag
5. ND2 filter 52 mm ND2 w/pp protective bag
6. Black paper filter box
7. 37-52 sun visor for optics
8. Black paper closure Box
9. The PVC film absorbing light
10. 1/8 standard stainless steel screws
11. 1/8 standard screws and silicone seals
12 1/4" thread
13. 1/4" double thread with two silicone seals
14. Additional holder
15. External LED lights
16. USB power cable
17. Battery for Lithium 900mAh
18. Main microphone with wind protection with 3,5 mm connector
19. Microphone holder
20. Universal box
21. Special cover

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