ZUNGLE V2 VIPER sunglasses polarizing with Bluetooth speakers

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Sunglasses ZUNGLE V2 VIPER polarizing with Bluetooth speakers built in the frame, Unisex size - for men and women.

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Product description

Sunglasses ZUNGLE V2 VIPER polarizing with Bluetooth speakers built in the frame, Unisex size - for men and women. Zungle glasses come with a new model that brings several significant improvements. Forget the classic headphones or bluetooth speakers, these revolutionary sunglasses are simply a bomb on the market. With special mini speakers placed at the end of the frames, music is transmitted through the temporal bone directly to the inner ear, allowing no one to hear the music except you. At the same time, you will not be sound-insulated from the outside world, as with conventional earphones. You can safely listen to your favorite songs with your ears uncovered, and you will also hear ambient sounds like approaching cars or talking people. Take the unique opportunity to try these revolutionary sunglasses, which you can buy in our e-shop in different colors.

The revolution in listening to music continues - playing music through the temporal bone right into the head

zungle viper glasses


Wireless thanks to Bluetooth technology with which you can easily and quickly pair glasses with your smartphone. Then nothing prevents you from enjoying music directly from your phone or making a phone call conveniently, as the glasses have a noise-canceling microphone. Revolutionary glasses offer convenient operation through the buttons on the frame. Use the buttons to play, pause, play next track, receive calls, or even activate Siri - the smart assistant on iOS phones or Google assistant, and give him voice commands without need of Smartphone. The glasses are recharged using the included stylish USB cable.

Polarizing Zungle Viper sunglasses zungle viper sunglasses


Are you bothered with silence during your sport activities?  It will be different from now! 

Zungle Viper glasses are suitable for every kind of sporting activity and they do not limit you.

glasses for running glasses for riding a bike glasses for hiking


vibra speakers

Excellent sound quality
from the new "Vibra" speakers


Wireless phone calls

Enjoy the new "Vibra" speakers, the best sound technology in bone conductivity. They are larger and closer to your ears.
And the sound quality? Better than ever. Maximize your outdoor activities with powerful and outstanding sound
Handsfree phone calls at a high level. The glasses have been designed to optimize communication on both sides
- even if you are currently at a noisy street or the weather is bad
voice control

Intelligent voice control

ipx4 protection


Want to give instructions to Siri or your Google Assistant? You can keep your phone in your pocket, just press the button
on the frame of glasses and the assistant is activated.
You do not have to be worried about a bit of rain or sweat anymore. IPX4 protection means that the glasses will easily take care of that.

Endless connection to Bluetooth 5.0


Easy and quick replacement of glass

Bluetooth 5.0 wireless pairing made voice commands easier. Say goodbye to interruptions and annoying notices.
Just welcome and enjoy the best range and stability to stay connected anytime.
If you get bored with color of glasses, there is no need to buy a new glasses. Just replace different colored glass and give to your glasses a new touch. Complete your current outfit with appropriate color. Up to 8 glass colors are available.

Comfortable and stylish


Listen to navigation instructions

Zungle glasses are light and comfortable, ideal for all-day wear Zungle goggles will give you freedom from your smart devices thanks to its functionality while being able to navigate you
to the specified destination.



Zungle sunglasses are available in 2 frame colors (black and gray) with the possibility of changing color glass in up to 8 colors.
(please indicate in the note what color of glass you require)


zungle bluetooth glasses zungle viper bluetooth glasses


gold glasses lens purple glass red glasses lens green glass lens
transparent glass gray glass blue glass black glass


plus UV400 + polarizing sunglasses
plus Bluetooth 5.0 - wireless music listening
plus Transmission of sound waves using vibrations
plus Built-in microphone
plus IPX4 - sweat resistant



Bluetooth: 5.0
Compatibility: iOS, Android, tablet, pc
Battery: 115 mAh lithium
Standby time: 100 hrs.
Playback time: 4 hours
Charging: less than 1 hour
Dimensions: 14,2 cm (W) x 4,9 cm (H) x 15 cm (D)
Weight: 50 g


Package contents:

1x Zungle glasses
1x Replaceable color glass
1x Special USB charging cable
1x Portable case
1x User manual

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