Water saver - Water Pebble

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Water saver - Water Pebble for sale at a good price you can buy online in our e-shop. Certified e-shop - safe shopping.

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Product description

Water saver - Water Pebble. Everyone knows how long takes a shower. Many times we do not want even to get out of the shower. And then we realize how much water we spent. We do not have watch in the shower and have no idea how many gallons of water leaked out.

Water saver - Water Pebble

For sale at a good price you can buy online in our e-shop. Certified e-shop - safe shopping.

And that´s why is here Water Pebble - Water saver. Just set it up and take a shower without worries. This eco gadget was created to feel comfortable in shower without monitoring of spending water. Jjust place Pebble near the outlet and it automatically tracks the flow of water. When it's time to turn off the shower, then Water Pebble will let you know through the indicators - colored lights.

Water saver - Water pebble

Green = start, orange = in the middle, red = stop. 

Water Pebble remembers your first shower and it will use it as measuring apparatus. Then slowly reduces the time of taking shower (about seven seconds at each use) and it helps to save the water without thinking about spending.
 Water pebble     water saver function 
As days go by, your water consumption will gradually decrease. Water Pebble can help reduce the average of taking shower to less than six minutes and will save more than 20 liters of hot water per day. And as everyone knows, less liters means smaller accounts. It's also very handy if you have a household with more people and everyone will save water, and for your children this gadget will be very funny.


It offers:

Reduction of water consumption
Replaceable battery
about 5,2cm (o) x 2cm (d)

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