Scanning pen - Wacom Inkling

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Product description

With this high-tech scanning pen Wacom Inkling you can draw or write notes on any kind of paper, and then upload an exact match to your computer.

Scanning pen - Wacom Inkling

Wacom pen may look like an ordinary pen, but inside this high-tech tool, all kinds of modern mechanisms start work every time the pen touches paper - it monitors each line and even monotors the pressure used at you draw. You can draw on any paper what you like - lined, current, sanded - if it is in the range of the size A4, then Wacom Inkling will transfer drawings into a computer. It even manage to separate drawing into the layers. So after the push of one button, you can draw construction lines, then lines of sketch, then finished lines, shading, then takes it all on one sheet of paper. Once you upload them to your computer, you can divide them again.
Scanning pen - Wacom Inkling      Scanning pen set
When you are ready to upload your data to your computer, simply connect the receiver via USB. You can upload files as bitmap or vector versions and save it as your standard type of file such as JPEG, PNG, PDF, or SVGs.
Scanning pen - Wacom Inkling connection 
The whole set is in a practical travel case. If the pen or the receiver have little energy, then put them into the case, and connect the case into to the USB port on your computer. So it is possible to charge both at the same time.
Adobe software not included
Product Features :
  • Draw with a real ballpoint pen on any paper up to A4 format
  • All your strokes are recorded electronically
  • It adds drawings to computer
  • It imports files into your favorite grafic application such as raster or vector drawings for further editing
  • You do not need to scan and redraw the sketches
  • It records layers with one click of mouse: it saves paper by drawing directly on the sketch
  • Long-rechargeable batteries: recharging via USB through the case
  • Creates a native bitmaps or vector versions of sketches for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Autodesk SketchBook

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