Makey Makey - the control board

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Makey Makey - the control panel allows you to create the computer´s controls from everyday objects. Great gadget for every high-gadgets fans.

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Product description

Incredible design of circuits and controls. Makey Makey is a handy gadget designed by two very smart guys in the USA and it was originally launched through Kickstarter. Basically, Makey Makey enables to create computer controls of everyday objects. All you need is the set of tools (included) and as well the clips and assortment of objects. Any material which will create even weak electrical current, will be working as the controlling area, from pencils to grapes or a banana. Just upload the program - games, tools, word processors and connect it to Makey Makey board and then just decide which will control what.

Makey Makey - the control board

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You can control Pac-Man by the pencil drawings, or change the stairs to the piano. The best thing on the Makey Makey is its simplicity. It does not require hours spent by settings and study, you can just open the box and you can immediately experiment. So it is ideal for researchers-beginners, professional technicians etc.

make make

Product features:
It turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet.

It is a set for explorers and for experts on art, engineering and other. It is compatible with more than 5 million software applications, including Tetris
OS: Windows, Mac OSX and Linux

The use of Makey Makey: Powerpoint, Photobooth, music player, video player (including YouTube), Garage Band etc. Conductive with most fruits and vegetables, marshmallows, candy, sweets, macaroni and cheese and people (connect one person with ground and next one to the output, and you can run sounds when is high-five), with the graphite of pencils ( make thick dark lines, and be sure to draw on a smooth surface), foils and other metal objects, coins, magnets, bolts and nuts, forks and knives, and pots and pans.

Makey actuating plate


With MakeyMakey you can press so many keys as your keyboard enables at once, which is 6. You can use up to 18 in a session (6 on front side makeyMakey and 12 on the back side), but only 6 can be held simultaneously.

Can Makey Makey start up any key on the keyboard? Yes, it's configurable in settings.h file, in the sketch Makey Makey in Arduino IDE.

Can I use more Makey Makey boards simultaneously on one computer? Yes! You can connect to two or more at once and create Makey orchestra! (Tested with three, but can also be used with more)

How can I connect the back side of Makey Makey? Connection is transferred on back side by somethig what is called "female header." There are rows of small outlets which are designed for most of drivers. A simple way is to use wire connectors (jumpers), what are drivers with small pins at both ends, which are placed into a female header. These are included. You can buy them separately, but make sure you get the type male/male.

Package includes:
Makey Makey
7x clips
6x connecting cables
USB cable

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