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Freefly VR virtual 3D glasses is a mobile virtual reality for smart phones (mobiles). Product in stock ready for sale. Excellent alternative to the Oculus Rift glasses and also the price is more than reliable.

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Product description

Freefly VR virtual 3D glasses is a mobile virtual reality for smart phones (mobiles). Product in stock ready for sale. Excellent alternative to the Oculus Rift glasses and also the price is more than reliable. Virtual reality which tracks your movement to provide a 3D visual images . Your brain feels that you are in a virtual world. With the wireless controller (glide) you can shoot at the enemy, walk around the Egyptian tombs, pull cord of a parachute or ride a roller coaster. You can buy directly in our e-shop.

free fly vr glasses

The Freefly now includes the Glide – a wireless controller that connects to your iPhone or Android phone, allowing you full control over your VR adventures.

The Freefly is light and portable enough to take anywhere, ideal for times when you want to escape the bad times.

Indulge your senses with tranquil guided meditation and ASMR designed to put your brain into a blissful state.

Freefly is your phone’s new partner. Wherever you and your phone go, within seconds you can change your environment, whenever the mood takes you.


Fly free virtual glasses

Free Fly VR glasses are compatible with 200+ Google Cardboard applications. It rocks 42mm lenses and a 120 degree field of view plus faux leather helps to keep things comfortable. It fits any smartphone with a screen between 4.7-inch and 6.1-inch which is admittedly less than an Archos headset but still covers most flagships in 2015. As well as featuring head-tracking via your phone's accelerometer, one point of difference over the cheapest options is that Freefly comes with an odd little controller, named Glide, that you hold in one hand. It saves you the cost of buying a Bluetooth peripheral

Google vr games

It has an ingenious way of holding your phone assuring your phone will always be centered to the headset. Also there is almost no risk of your phone falling out of the device. The design allows you to use your headphones and power-cord no matter which device you use, thanks to the sliding parts on the side.


virtual glasses



  • Huge Field of View (120°)
  • Wide 42 mm lenses for maximum field of immersion
  • Multi-phone adjustable (4.7″ and 6.1″), including the latest iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, Samsung S3, S4, S5 and S6, Samsung Note 3&4 and many more…
  • Lightweight design
  • 1-click quick open system
  • Ergonomic comfort with soft faux-leather


Package includes:
1x Virtual reality VR goggles FreeFly
1x Glide bluetooth controller
1x Case
1x Lens tissue
1x Manual


Reviews and tests:


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Review FreeFly VR -

"The Freefly VR headset is the best VR accessory we’ve ever reviewed, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.
Simply put, Freefly’s VR headset is brilliant, brilliant fun."

Read full review at FreeFly -


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Comparison Test FreeFly VR   -

"We Give FreeFly a 5-Star Rating. FreeFly gives us a great opportunity to come in touch with virtual reality for a reasonable amount of money. There is something to pay for: the comfort, durability and innovation, for instance.

At a first glance FreeFly seems to be just like any other headset. However, a few details which create its competitive edge over the rivals are hiding behind the apparent simplicity 1. It is designed by Europeans. England, not China 2. Joystick is its main distinctive feature. 3. The viewing angle is 120 degrees. 4. It is fully compatible with Google Cardboard content. !

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